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Moxa is one of the most trusted names to buy industrial networking products in West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, Jharkhand, and Bihar. The brand stands for durability, reliability and consistent performance. Place your order for Moxa industrial networking products today.

What is an Ethernet Media Converter?

It is a device which is designed to make communication smooth by interconnecting different networking media like copper, fiber and coaxial cables. Though, it is a small box, powerful enough to connect two different networking cables. It is primarily used to connect fiber media from an optical fiber network to a conventional copper-based Ethernet network.

Do you know fiber optic cabling is one of the most revolutionary developments in the networking world? Fiber is capable of transporting data to a long distance without any interruption. It helps to reach more users as well as equipment.

Advantages of Media Converter

  • Increasing network distance by importing UTP to fiber
  • Save money by letting users use existed equipment
  • Increasing the existing fiber capacity with WDM wavelengths

Types of Moxa Converter

There are varieties of converter like Ethernet to Fiber converter, Serial to Fiber Converter.

Types of Ethernet Media Converters

There are three types of Ethernet media converters.

Standalone Unit – It is a lightweight small unit which can be mount on the wall. It is used in a place where not more than two conversations are required.

Card-Based Chassis – It is used for large main distribution frame. It is easy to plug the multiple optic fibers to conventional switches.

DIN-Rail Mount – The device is installed in a large manufacturing unit where limited options are available.

Buy Moxa Ethernet Switches Online

MOXA is a reputed name for buying industrial Ethernet switches which stand for easy management, smooth network, strengthened security and competitive price-to-performance ratios. The industry offers managed, unmanaged, rackmount and PoE MOXA switches to meet the demands of small scale to big organizations.

What are Ethernet Switches?

Ethernet switches play a prominent role in networking. They are best known as a network switch. It is a medium to allow computers, printers, and every other wired network device on the network to communicate. An ethernet switch can be connected with the router with a cable to access the internet through the modem.

The PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) has three basic categories- managed, unmanaged and smart.

Unmanaged switches aim to basic connectivity between network devices. They are cheaper. Users cannot change the setting.

Smart switches have a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is easy to operate. It is excellent for those users who have not got special training to operate advanced networking.

Managed switches have a GUI including CLI (Command Line Interface) to create scripts to program. It helps to manage multiple scripts and provides advanced networking support.

How to Buy the Best Network Moxa Industrial Switch?

Each Moxa switch stands for quality and long-lasting support. Your investment will not go in vain. Now, the question is how to decide which Moxa ethernet switch is well-suitable for your business.

Consider the number of users going to use the network. If you have a small unit of 5-6, the small 8-port switch will be well suitable. The number of ports plays a prominent role in the cost of a switch.

What is your basic network infrastructure? One switch can work if there are 40-50 users.

Understand your needs at first! Do your organization usually transfer large size files? If yes, then a switch supporting Gigabit Ethernet can work appropriately. If there is hardly any big data transfer, 100 megabits can meet your needs.

If your organization is big and the network requirement will need more than one switches. Consider managed switches to get proper control on networking.

Trust on popular brands to shop the best quality network switches. Trust is one of the biggest factors to give you the best results.

It will be a wise idea to choose the brand over pricing. The market is full of network switches from National, International to local brands. Moxa has maintained the trust.